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Checkmate is about speed. Its in our DNA. Its been this way ever since 1963 when Bill Combs set out to build the finest, fastest, best performing racing boat at his factory in Bucyrus, Ohio. By his own admission, Bill was obsessed with racing. He originally began by modifying boats.

Checkmate Offshoreboote He then realized that it made sense to build his own racing outboard and Checkmate was born. With his high performing outboards in tow, Bill and his sons hit the racing circuit in the late 60s - early 70s. Almost overnight, Checkmate boats and racing became synonymous. Throughout the ensuing decades, Checkmate continued to dominate the racing circuits.

Checkmate Speedboat As the racing line developed, Checkmate entered a new category -- the performance boating market. Soon, Checkmate was renowned for being one of the premium performance boat manufacturers in the country. True to its roots, Checkmate continues today to build quality boats using time-tested methods and styling.

Checkmate Herstellung

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